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Otaheite Apple Juice Splash – A Jamaican Sinting!

To juice it, is to love it! I am a huge fan of these apples, particularly the sweet ones, which are usually deep red in colour.  I love to just eat a few or juice them alone or blended with other fruits or vegetables I may have available.  In this recipe, a little mango was that ram caught in the thicket.  As such, it was juiced to form this refreshing juice.  You can use any fruit or vegetable of your liking. Let’s juice and enjoy this simple, nutritious and refreshing fruit. Then just enjoy the Irie Vibes. Try it nuh!


  • 2 medium-sized otaheite apples.
  • 1 small mango (ripe, but not overly ripped – optional).
  • 2 cups of water.
  • Ginger (to taste).
  • Sweetener (of your choice).


  • Wash and cut apples in small sizes. You may have to cut off sections that are bruised where necessary.
  • Peel and cut mango in small sizes (optional).
  • Add to blender.
  • Add a little ginger
  • Add sweetener.
  • Add water and blend.
  • Enjoy as-is or chill for a more refreshing taste.


For this recipe, I did not have any mango at hand, so I just juiced the apple that I had available.  However, if you have mangoes, try to use those that are not fully ripe, or what we would say in Jamaica (turn). This will give the juice a nice tart taste and a more robust body.

 However, juicing the apples alone will certainly be a treat as it is very refreshing, especially after chilling in the fridge for a little while.  Additionally, you can add the sweetener of your choice in the blending or after the juice is blended (your choice).    

Ingredient Spotlight!

~ Otaheite Apple~

Otaheite apples or Syzygium malaccense has known scientifically, is a species of the flowering tree native to Malaysia.  It was said to be introduced to Jamaica in 1793 and has since become a treasured fruit.

This often bright red, slightly avocado-shaped-looking fruit (or pear as we say in Jamaica), is packed full of nutrients. These include nourishment of the skin due to its vitamin C, A and B3 (niacin) properties. These nutrients also make it an excellent choice for eye health; particularly its vitamin A contents.

It is also said to have significant amounts of calcium and iron which makes it beneficial for bone health.    Additionally, research suggests that Otaheite apple may be able to assist with boosting circulation as well as improving hair health.

To good health!

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