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Giving Back

Giving Back

We believe that helping others, particularly those in need is a natural part of life and a continous service to GOD.  Being charitable does not have to mean going outside of your means, it’s simply giving of what you have in the most memorable way, if possible.

Charitable endeavours have always been a vibrant part of my life from an early age. This drive and passion to help others was heightened during my undergraduate years at University, where I volunteered at a Children’s Home. To ramp up the help the home needed, I extended the mantle to my church group then, and we hosted a few charity events to help both the home and children. I truly enjoyed it.  Since then, I have been active in many charitable endeavours and have no intentions to stop. Hence this ‘giving back’ initiative.

It doesn’t take much to be charitable. Just give of what you have to someone in need. You never know the significant impact this might have on an individual/group life’s.  It might just be in a way that cannot be easily expressed in just pure words. This is exactly what we did in our Christmas Initiative of 2021.

For this initiative, we aimed at providing assistance to elderly persons or those considered ‘ shut-ins’ to ensure that they would have more than enough food during the holiday season. These were persons identified from the church I grew up. Cost of living in Jamaica and even the world at large, is seriously getting more and more unreachable for most persons, but I believe no one should go to bed hungry. It is not a nice thing or feeling. 

The day was truly a worthwhile one and we enjoyed every moment of it, just seeing the smiles and talking with people in general, lit up all of our faces. It was fun and nostalgic at the same time.

We are planning to make this an annual initiative with other ‘giving back’ initiatives for 2022 and beyond.

Will you Join Me?

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I am super happy we’re connected and I am very optimistic about the journey ahead.

Warmest regards,
Shelly Ann,
Founder, Almonds and Olivez

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