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A Simple Mango Refresher

As we continue to search for ways to bolster our immune system, especially due to the current coronavirus outbreak, here comes the Mango.  A widely popular fruit with some amazing benefits.  This recipe is simple, inexpensive, but nutrient rich and refreshing.  Try it nuh!


  • 1 large or 2 small Mangoes (fit and ripe) not overly ripe
  • ¼ tsp ginger (liquid/ground).
  • Sugar/honey (optional).
  • 1- 1 ½ Cups water.


  • Wash, Peel and Slice Mangoes for blending.
  • Add mango slices to Blender.
  • Add ginger.
  • Add Sugar/Honey to taste (optional).
  • Add salt.
  • Add water and blend until smooth.
  • Serve and Enjoy!

NB:   I like to use mangoes that are not very ripe just fit or what we call in Jamaica ‘turn’. This makes the juice, light, less sweet and even more refreshing than ‘heavy’ as with the case of ripen or extremely ripe mangoes.

Ingredient Spotlight!

~ Mango~

Mangoes are a popular fruit, especially in tropical climates like Jamaica (the island in the sun).  While they can be sweet and quite addictive (you simple cannot just eat one and go), mangoes can be quite filling and nutritious.  In fact, studies have shown that mangoes can aid in digestion and thus help to promote a healthy gut.  It is also known to help in strengthening the immune system due to its high vitamin C content. 

Further, it is a vitamin A powerhouse, having a high concentration of the antioxidant – zeaxanthin which is excellent for eye health. A part from eye health, vitamin A plays a key role in the health of one’s skin and hair as it helps with the production of sebum, the oily substance that keeps the hair, skin and scalp moisturised and healthy.

Mangoes are also a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamins such B-6, vitamin K along with the mineral potassium.  Additionally, due to its low caloric content, mangoes are considered a perfect addition for any weight loss program.    It is also known to support heart health as it is able to lower cholesterol levels as well as reduce inflammation.

Be Refreshed!

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